Thursday, May 31, 2012


Into my inbox came this:

Antimicrobial Containing Fish Hook and Method of Using and Manufacturing Same.

A fishing hook is plated with, coated with, or contains an antimicrobial substance to treat the impalement wound of a fish caused by the hook. Specifically the hook includes at least one shank; at least one bend that extends from the shank; at least one point defined by a free end of the bend, wherein the fish hook contains a substance whose purpose is to minimize infection and to treat the puncture wound of a fish that is caught. The substance optionally acts to sterilize the hook to reduce the entrance of microbes into the wound when the puncture occurs. The substance may also contain an anti-inflammatory or a pain reliever to reduce the suffering of the fish or of others accidentally injured by the hook.

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I've only investigated the details of a patent once before and that caused me to glaze over within seconds. If you want all the details you can find them here.

Whenever I hear about antimicrobial stuff being sloshed around I immediately think of the famous phrase "kills 99.9% of all known germs - DEAD." This may seem like a good thing but just think of all that lebensraum and lack of competition the resistant 0.1% now have to grow into. Sloshing the stuff around willy-nilly in yet another environment is dumb in the way festooning waiting rooms and the like with anti-microbial soap (instead of normal soap) is also dumb.

More interesting to me, probably because of what my head is into at the moment, is that an 'entrepreneur' thinks the time is right to incorporate analgesics into the hook. It seems that even the money grabbers are looking for ways to cash in on the putative impression that fish feel pain.

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